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Updated  September 22, 2023 
Pastor Mike
DeeDee Anderson
Brother Herman Lytle
Lynn Ray, cancerous spot found on lung 
Brother Dennis Christy 
 Ray Benfield , back in Rehab
 Evan Bacon 
Kasey Greene (Susan Lytle's son)
 Diane (friend of Dennis Christy)
 Terry Pruitt (Liver cancer that has spread to lungs and brain) 
Sandy Grant, friend of Susan Lytle, brain cancer
Julie Bunce (Bev Silvers' sister), cancer
Roseanna Drake (recovering from stomach issues, and COPD, operation soon)
Steve Campbell's daughter, Brandy, gall bladder issues 
Morgan McCants, his mom, Deborah, his sister,  and step-dad  Joe (cancer in lymph nodes and spleen), 
Phillip Gilliam, passing of his grandmother, Jean Reese
Jim Messer, cancer BIL of Mary Campbell 
Aubree Lance, death of grandmother
 Morgan's stepfather, Stage 4 cancer
 Carmella Sharpton's son Anthony, surgery
 Carrie (Sharpton) Hudson, brain aneurysm
 Joey Flannigan's brother, Michael, heart attack, recovery at home now
 Jeremy Moore's mother, Carol McCoy, recovering from  surgery
 Becky, cancer
Robert Baxter, (Martha Capps brother, and entire family) broken neck, having surgery 
 Ashley Moss, health  issues
Cook Family,  Sondra and Anthony in the hospital, son Anthony health problems
 Revis Family,, death of Carol
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