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Are you facing a challenge right now? If so, We are here for you. We are here to enfold you in loving, faith-filled prayer. You have our commitment to serve you with sensitivity, compassion, and complete confidentiality. You may submit a prayer request online now or contact us and we will pray with you.

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Updated January 9, 2022
Health Concerns 
 Rosanna Drake
Shelly- Lung Cancer
Heidi McCoy - Brain Tumor
Laura Emerson - Heart
Richard King - Polly
Mary Caudill - Carol Bitting's sister
Ronnie King - cancer
Chasity - (Dennis)
Helmy Cook (Robyn's mom)
Tom Pruitt- Covid- 84 years old, Blake's friend
Ray Hudson
Ray Benfield
Sondra Cook
Teresa Moore - Cancer
Susan Lytle's Mother
Dea's Uncle Craig
Joyce Fisher
Denise Galloway
Mandy - Morgan's sister
Dakota Slage - Herman
Campbell Family
Car Trip
John and Agnes Henderson
Patti's Mom, Jean Lunsford
Betty Bridges 
Jackie Coley
Brother Dennis
Crystal McLaughlin in Rehab
David  (Herman)
Cheryle and Henry Autry
Carol Bitting (smoke free )
Baily Wendling 
Melissa an Baby Hazel
Berry Cook
Prayers for the Short Family with passing of Pacey Short
Bob Cook (Robyn's brother)
Mary Ann Rayburn - Herman
Sellers Family - Death- (Blake) 
Smokey and the Pig - headed to KY to cook
Betty Bridges 
Larry Ballard
Susan Lytle's friend Katie (loss of husband)
 Dakota Slage family
Roland Pugh's Family  ( death) - Robyn's daughter in law's father
Donna (Covid)
Jen Ballard and Family
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