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Updated  April 21 , 2024 
Pastor Mike, strep throat
DeeDee Anderson
Brother Herman Lytle
Brother Dennis Christy 
 Ray Benfield 
Kasey Greene (Susan Lytle's son)
 Terry Pruitt (Liver cancer that has spread to lungs and brain) 
Sandy Grant, friend of Susan Lytle, brain cancer,
Roseanna Drake (recovering from stomach issues, and COPD)
 Becky, cancer
Mike Keyser's brother Denny, failing health
Shane Drake, medical issues. covid
Tim Cooper's uncle, Van Mehaffey 
 Geary Silvers, lung cancer, breathing issues
Larry Ballard, Sherry's husband and Jen's father, lung cancer, undergoing treatments 
 Shirley Lollis,  heart
 Larry (Ace) Crisp, health concern
 Junior Plumley, cancer
Sandy Grant, Stage 4 cancer 
 Randall Mull, lead singer in Isaac's Well
Brandon McIntosh's mom, in the hospital
 Steve Sellers
 Walter Walker, heart surgery, cancer in his bones
 Eric Ziller, lung cancer
 Shawn and Alyssa Baxley, miscarriage 
 Matthew Pennell, spinal surgery for infection
 Jackson Taylor, recovering from ear infection
 Theresa Pennington, knee issues and pinched nerve
 Hunter Paxton, Steve Campbell's grandson, born prematurely but doing good
 Maria,friend of Tara Arrowood, diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
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