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Updated  August 6,  2022
 Mike and Dee Anderson (Covid quarantine)
 Rosanna Drake
Shelly- Lung Cancer
Heidi McCoy - Brain Tumor
Laura Emerson - Heart
Richard King - Polly
Ronnie King - cancer
Helmy Cook (Robyn's mom)
Ray Hudson
Ray Benfield 
Sondra and Berry Cook
 Ken Shelton (Pastor Mike) 
John and Agnes Henderson
Jean Lunsford, Patti's Mom 
 Gary Aiken
 Charles Austin and Gail Austin
Herman and Susan Lytle
 Susan Lytle's mother
Blake Moody  Hip Surgery
Flesher Rest Home
Nikki Cook
June Case  (Pastor Mike) 
Tammy Buckner (David Buckner's sister , cancer) 
Robert Moss (his Nanny)
Barbara Gibson  Wandas Aunt)
David Hughes (On life support from motorcycle wreck 
Evan Bacon (upcoming surgery, son not communicating, and stomach virus)
Debbie Medford (Shane's mom) 
Mary Campbell
 Kent Baxter - surgery
Brandon Hart and Nicky Hart 
 J.T.  Stomach virus
 Dennis' stepdad, Joe
 Tiffany Kepley (Sara's cousin) heart attack
 Shane Drake
Jen Ballard
Cass Johnson Mullen (hospice) 
David  (Herman)
Baily Wendling 
Betty Bridges 
Bob Cook (Robyn's brother)
Amanda Short 
Dale Synder (Dennis)
Michael Campbell) 
Gary  Beins  (Robyn) Brain surgery
Aunt Martha's brother, Kent.  Having surgery
Teresa Hughes - back
Donna - shattered leg
Clorice - blood clots
Sara Di
Granny needs prayers
Scott Smith - cancer
Kimberly (Covid)
 Michael Campbell - throat cancer
Jackie in Chapel Hill, rehab, blood clots 
 Passing of Charles austin (Gail's husband)
Theresa Gibbs (Passing of her Father) 
 David Hughes
Jeremy Moore (passing of his father) 
Flescher's Nursing  Home
 Anna's husband (non believer) 
 Pray for all the students in Texas
David and Robyn Medling, traveling
Dennis Searey  (needs to make some big decisions)
Owenby Family (death of Joe)
DeeDee (unspoken prayer request)
Cindy Shope Collins (health concerns) 
 Morgan's stepbrother and stepfather
Steve Campbell
Smiith Family
Preacher Mike (Covid)
Movement of our youth 
Maglidine Rose Freeman
Mrs. Sherry Ballard - COVID/ COPD
Jill, Josh's Mom, valve  in lung
Aunt Martha's ..Len Baxter  (Found cancer) 
Robyn's family because of her brother's  homeless an addiction issues 
Kevin Presnell, Stage 4 Bone Cancer
Gary Banks, health issues
Sara's Aunt Barbara Smiley (health)
Young Men in Rehab (Pastor Mike) 
Betty Welbeloved (Rad, stroke)
Sara Ratliff - Professions of Faith
Keri Taylor (drugs)
Billy Batt -(back issues)
Diana (heart issues)
Betty Bridges (poor health) Deedee's cousin
Roger Sales
Jim Meadows (stroke)
Tammy, Mary's daughter, heart
Herman Lytle, upcoming surgery
Kacey Greene (bed sores)
Mike Loven - Loss of Son (Ryan) overdosed
Sandra Urkhart (damaged eardrum)
Cheryl Robinson, loss of daughter (Kristi)
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Billy Early, passed, had wife and 2 kids
Keisha's family
Steve Robinson ( wife passed) 
Loven Family
Evan Bacon
Prayers for Austin in Florida
Sandra Stewart
Young Joanne, prayers for safety
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